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Springdale Medical Building on Bovaird Drive in Brampton. The $30 Million 6 storey Gold LEED building comprises over 120,000 sq. ft. of premium Medical Offices and Retail Spaces as well as over 600 parking stalls on 3 underground levels.

It has many innovative design, material and energy features:

Over 100 wells, each over 380ft deep, supply all the heat and cooling energy for the building by using a 355-tonne geothermal heat pump system, 

Excess heat is used in the winter to keep exterior ramps and sidewalks largely free of ice and snow.

Excess heat in the summer is rejected through landscaped areas as well as through the concrete structure of the parking garage. Some 5 miles of piping is used to perform this function.

The roof supports a number of State-of-the-Art Solar Collectors that generate enough energy to run the lights in the Public Areas and in addition will feed Electricity in to the Hydro Grid.

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